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About us- Who we are, what we do and what you can expect from us.


Based in the Highlands of Scotland, BNN Media Group provide video production and broadcast services throughout the UK. Whether you need a live feed into your television broadcast or the facility to send rushes back to your editing suite, we have state of the art equipment to enable you to do this.

If you have an event which you require broadcast live on the web, or to have a wireless broadband facility available for your clients then BNN Media can provide you with a cost effective option.

We currently have two national TV productions underway. The first one to be broadcast on Sky and Freesat between Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013 is “ A Year in Tain” which will take a look at the community in Scotlands oldest Royal burgh.

The second is a 12 part series called Highland Showcase, which will be a snapshot of life in the Highlands. Its aim to to capture a true flavour of life in the 21st Century Highlands of Scotland and promote all that is good about our area. A preview of Highland Showcase can be viewed at

The series is due to air starting in January on Sky and Freesat